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MLP = My little puppy 203533_219299071448428_7443889_n
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    MLP = My little puppy

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    MLP = My little puppy Empty MLP = My little puppy

    Post by Tigerstar on Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:22 pm

    Hmm.... Intresting.... Ah sorry, I cannot see you! A-ny-way-ez! if you see on the right side >>
    Under my profile picture there is 'My pup', name etc. You are all free to choose name and design on your puppy, but there is two other things you CAN'T choose; HP stats and Power stats. Everyone starts with 1 of each.
    Later on there will be a pup fight! >:D And contests later, later on...

    Sometime you could maybe even add hats and others things on your pup.

    HP information: The pup starts with 35 HP which is the pups health. When you get another stat point on health your pup automatic gets 5+ health. So when your pup got all the stat point your pup will have +35 more in total 70 hp.

    Power: Of course the more power stat your pup got the stronger your pup is, which takes more HP from the foe. The pup starts with 10 power stats. For each leveling up the pup gain +1 power. So yeah maximum 17 power points xD For each one power point you can do 1 damage. Mhm..... Like a boss..

    I like werewolves. ಠ_ಠ

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