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    Game thingies...

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    Game thingies... Empty Game thingies...

    Post by Tigerstar

    Ok, i should first start with the settings or what? To get to the game setting you have to press F1, and from there you can change Fullscreen, Background music etc.

    Then the menu. You can access the menu through X, and from there again you can check your stats, items, save and all basic stuff.

    Other useful things to know is for example when you write a name you use X as a backspace. In other places you use X as cancel.

    Also the important enter. Enter is to... Well most things in fact! Open a chest, talk to people and more!

    NOTE: If you change the settings on the buttons these might be unusable to your customized settings!

    The battles: You attack using your skills, weapons and/or party members. Also i would think saving a lot is pretty much worth it. If you lose a battle the game data from the last time you saved will be permanently deleted! Unless it is a boss battle you can get Game Over.

    Shops, inn and banks:
    There is at the moment only one shop; Tigerstar's shop. This shop is just in the start so it is impossible to get there ever again.
    There is just ONE bank in the game (and it will stay that way). This is also where you can get 100000 gold from the chest i putted there. The only reason is because i had to test, of course, but i find it good. This chest will be here only until the full game is done and shared.
    The werewolves training den is a place you can battle 2 werewolf brothers. If you take on the challenge BE SURE to save before you fight them. This is your warning!
    The poison plaza is just an unfinished room i got tired of. The room is a bit 'very' unfinished BUT it shall be okay later on. Pfft, they said ThunderWolf (the "poison miner") was crazy, but look at him now!

    Characters: The one your starting with is "Ralph", but later you will be able to change it's name.
    Tigerstar: Tigerstar had a lot of adventures as he is just telling one of them in-game. If you want to see the connection visit his shop then see the cutscene.
    Nekare and Fire: Tigerstar, Nekare and Fire is the 3 NPCs in the game that is moving but the dragon boss. Nekare is white, Fire is yellowish-reddish. They are all (C) to their owners.
    Werewolf characters: In the kingdom they dramatically change into werewolves. Thus means that they get a lot of strength and a bit health. If the player leveled up on Dice Beach it would be reset after they are going to the kingdom for unknown reasons.
    Werewolf Tigerstar, Fire and Nekare: Tigerstar ask Fire what animal they changed into the last time and Fire replies and say it was badger. Fire ask about how long its since they was into the kingdom last Nekare sais 'Many years'. Nekare sais she looks like a polar bear and Tigerstar agrees which makes Nekare mad.

    Evilking: In the game nobody knows about Evilking. But legends of Lore said Evilking would return from the accident hills of pure evil shade.

    I like werewolves. ಠ_ಠ
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    Post on Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:49 am by Fire

    goood to know! :D

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