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Wolf fight; The history of the Trio 203533_219299071448428_7443889_n
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    Wolf fight; The history of the Trio

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    Wolf fight; The history of the Trio Empty Wolf fight; The history of the Trio

    Post by Tigerstar on Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:01 pm

    So. I wanted it to not be just like "Ralphs adventure". I wanted MORE! so i got the idea; Why not make a history of the trio (Tigerstar, Nekare and Fire)? I thought about the idea, and now i made it. I now got the full version so
    Yes there will be bug fixes and updates and
    Yes, it might come more games later.

    I did recolor the sprites for the trio, but did make them a lot simpler i mean how the heck am I suppose to animate stripes and patterns? But believe it or not Fire was the hardest one to make even though it might not seems like it was x3 (I made just one stripe not two 'cause of animating could be screwed up).

    So i pretty much got what i need; Game maker, characters, sprites and knowledge about the maker. I will make maps pretty quickly, but what i need is Faces and well.. Ideas. Ideas might hit me in the face (that is what i do at school to learn things, let the "inspiration" hit me, which in this case, is books) But i will make the faces too quickly.

    And how this will affect the other game, i don't know :/ But i got no more things to put in it... AND it would make more sense when i'll make WF2.

    Any questions? Just ask, i wont bite... Your whole arm off... Always... I think you get the point.
    And Fire, sorry i cannot make it online xD In that case it would be Wolf Fight; Online or something. xD

    I like werewolves. ಠ_ಠ
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    Wolf fight; The history of the Trio Empty Re: Wolf fight; The history of the Trio

    Post by Fire on Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:49 pm

    Hahhah, I really looking forward to this!
    It's okay ;3

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