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Wolf Fight

Be strong, or be the strongest!


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    Rules Empty Rules

    Post by Tigerstar on Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:53 pm


    This is about: Level, skills, attack and more!
    Just take your time to read it.

    Every grown up (may be member atleast 2 weeks) have 500 HP
    Every "teen wolf" (may be atleast a week) have 400 HP
    Every pup (may be under a week) have 150 HP
    Every elder (may be over 5 years) have 250 HP

    When you start on Wolf Fight, you know its about surviving! Only the strongest will survive. We havent set up any packs yet but it will be. FirePack, ThunderPack, StormPack, ShadowPack, WaterPack and of course StarPack. Request needed for beeing in StarPack. Every pack will have a place to hunt.

    You can breed with other pack members, to get pups you can request me, or ask someone to be your pup.

    A little about level and attack,
    if it is your first fight, your attacks arent very good at all (takes 5 HP. But you can jump away very quick.
    if it is your fifth fight you have better attacks (can take araound 15 HP)
    if you have done over thirteen fights your slow, but attack good (40 HP)
    StarPack can help you get more HP, get a dead wolf alive (not with full HP), do you quicker, the opposent can't jump away from your attacks and make you stronger!

    The attacks are comeing soon!
    May just set up some rooms! :)

    and im not banning someone if it is because of your in a fight and he says he will kill you, hates you, get you in pain etc. scratch

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    Rules Empty Re: Rules

    Post by Fire on Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:04 pm

    Agreed sir!

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